At Poco, we strive to provide you with a seamless shopping experience and excellent customer service. We understand that occasionally, issues may arise that require resolution or addressing concerns you may have.

You can register your complaint using our Grievance Redressal Form via or Xiaomi Service+ App. Once submitted, our team will review your complaint and initiate the necessary action:-

Our Grievance Process

Our Grievance Redressal process is designed to ensure that your concerns are acknowledged, investigated, and resolved promptly:

Register Your Grievance

Once your grievance is received, our team will begin investigating the issue and work towards finding a suitable resolution within 48 working hours.
Click to register your grievance.

Escalation to Head of Customer Service

If your concern remains unresolved or you are not satisfied with the initial response, the issue will be automatically escalated to the Head of Customer Service. Please expect a response within 24-hours of escalation

Further Escalation to the Office of the President

If the issue still persists or has not been resolved within the designated time frame, it will be automatically escalated to the Office of the President. Please expect a response within 12 hours

Track Status

You can also track the status of your request through the Tracking Form and Xiaomi Service+ App
Alternatively, you can download the Xiaomi Service+ App using the provided link:
3 Level Escalation Matrix
Grievance Desk: Where your voice is heard and understood
Head of Customer Service Desk: Expert guidance for complex issues
Office of the President: The highest level of accountability and action