POCO introduces enhanced quality measures to improve user experiences

To our customers & fans

At POCO, we follow the best global quality practices across our entire portfolio. All our smartphones undergo various stringent quality tests under extreme situations to ensure that the quality is uncompromised at any level for users to enjoy a seamless experience.

Recently there have been a few cases where the experience for our users from some of our devices has fallen short of the high standards that our users expect from us. We deeply regret the inconvenience this may have caused.

As a gesture from us to all POCO fans, we are extending the warranty period to 2 years for our POCO X3 Pro users from the date of purchase. The warranty extension covers any issues related to the motherboard for the device.

Users of POCO X3 Pro under the warranty period can visit authorized service centres for comprehensive technical support and repairs at no additional cost.

This new warranty & exchange program enables us to provide POCO users with an experience that continues to surpass expectations.

We take this as an opportunity to enhance the overall user experience, and extend our gratitude to our users for placing their trust in our brand and products and look forward to their continuous support.

For any queries, please write to: service.in@poco.net


Model Issue 1 Issue 2
POCO X3 Pro Power on fault --

Terms and Conditions for availing Extended Warranty for POCO X3 Pro:

  1. Users (“you” or “Purchaser”) of Poco X3 Pro (“Product”) who detect any defects, dysfunction or error in the power-on function of the Product (“Warranty Issues”) can approach an authorized service centre (“ASC”) of Xiaomi, to avail free-of-cost technical support and repairs or replacement. Xiaomi’s ASCs shall inspect the Products, and examine if the Warranty Issues have been caused as a result of any dysfunction of the Product's motherboard. If yes, then you will be eligible for an extended warranty for the Products for further period of twelve (12) months (“Extended Warranty”).

  2. The Extended Warranty can be availed by you only if you are the first Purchaser of the Products. The Extended Warranty shall not apply to users or purchasers of resold or second-hand Products.

  3. The Extended Warranty can be availed during the validity of the Products' original purchase warranty ("Purchase Warranty"), and for up to one year from the expiry of the Purchase Warranty. The Purchasers will not be able to avail the Extended Warranty one (1) year after the expiry of the Purchase Warranty.

  4. If Xiaomi’s ASCs determine that the Product's motherboard has been damaged due to any of the following reasons, the Purchaser shall not be eligible to avail Extended Warranty:

    • Physical damage caused by the Purchaser (including damage by a liquid) due to improper use or handling, unauthorised modifications/repairs, repairs done by unauthorised persons, use of the Product with equipment not approved by Xiaomi;
    • Acts of God, lightning, electricity surges / abnormal voltage;
    • Usage of the Product in a manner that is not recommended;
    • Issues caused to the Product by usage of parts not recommended by Xiaomi;
    • Damage caused on an outer surface of the Product, including but not limited to cracks;
    • Any other circumstances that are contradictory or are not in compliance with business ethics.

    The decision of ASC and Xiaomi in this regard shall be definitive, final and binding.

  5. The Purchasers shall carry a copy of the Product’s original receipt / invoice, to avail the Extended Warranty.

  6. All Products eligible for availing Extended Warranty shall continue to be governed by the terms of the Purchaser Warranty. All terms and conditions set out in the original Purchase Warranty must be followed by the Purchasers, to avail the Extended Warranty.